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A simple idea underlies the evolution of complexity.

It’s a simple idea with important implications. From cells to civilizations, complex systems are built on a foundation of one-dimensional patterns that choreograph three-dimensional behavior. DNA, human language, and computer code are examples of these linear arrangements. We call them sequences, and they have a common functional logic. This book invites you to explore their one-dimensional world. 

Sequences have come to govern much of the three-dimensional face of our planet, including our own cognition and behavior and the development of human civilization. To begin to understand how and why, read this book.

Behavior and Culture in One Dimension by Dennis P. Waters book cover

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(left) Dennis Waters interviewed by Carlos Perez on the “Intuition Machine” AGI channel.
(right) “How 1D Patterns of DNA, Language, and Code Guide the 3D World” – Dennis Waters interviewed by Madder Mangalam